Sunday, 9 September 2007

What colour was the Napoleon's white horse?

It has been more than a month since my last post, in the meanwhile I've been in Cagliari, happily taking my holidays and windsurfing and going to the beach all the time, and in Greece for a conference, which translates more or less in "going to the beach all the time". But I also have some proof that I also did something useful, for example my first "serious" presentation (check out the shot, don't I seem a great performer?)

Well, there would be a lot of things to say about my tales, but now I don't feel like writing a lot, I'm tired and looking "the lord of the ring: the two towers", which inspired the title of this post. Why? Because of "shuttafuck", the Gandalf's horse, of course! Well, somebody could argue that the horse's name is Shadowfax, but shuttafuck sounds much better. And it makes more sense, also. Better than some strange shadow thing that faxes papers around.

Today I realised that it would be good to have a small apple tree instead of the ugly bush we have in our small backyard. In the right season I have to buy one.. I'm already excited :)

This week I also presented in spite of a friend a poster in a conference organised by our University, in London. The best part of it was, of course, that I took part to the social event: a trip on the London Eye, for free (well, I didn't pay for it...).

Well, what to say, other than I'm going to sleep?


Zuppa said...

Wow! Amazing! I am the first commenter of the blog! And probably the first reader as well!

That's why I will try to say something smart. Like claiming that JRR Tolkjen, while writing "The Lord of the Rings", was probably playing Minesweeper in Windows 95 (he was a wizard, he can play for days) and try to configure a stupid application for sending fax with the PC Modem (Shadowfax). He actually not needed to send any fax (also because fax was not already been invented at that time), but he really enjoyed the sound BZZZZZIUUUUSCHHHHH (that he had to emulate with the mouth, since he can not afford a telephone line). I actually don't think that Frodo was omosexual, even if the happy-ending proposed in "Clerks 2" was for sure more interesting than the original one.

After saying this, I want to greet everyone reading this blog. That means me and Zeppe.

Zuppa said...

I forgot something. I really like the Zeppe's decision, not to advertise his blog everywhere. I have a blog as well,, and I will follow the Zeppe's style.

Anonymous said...

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