Thursday, 28 August 2008

I can hear Righeira in the background...

For those who didn't have the luck of being born and grown in Italy in my times, I'm referring to "L'estate sta finendo" (the summer is ending, yes Zuppa, that was AFTER our performance at the beach), historical hit of our 80s charts. It's a bit sad, but I really enjoyed these holidays (long ones, something more than three weeks) in town. Nothing too complex, I simply stayed in the city seeing friends and spending a bit of time at the beach and with my family.

Anyway, I relly couldn't stand anymore that old post "Adieu my crappy bike", I bought a new one after two weeks, that is twenty times better! See the picture on the side. Yes, it's a racing one, and I like it! Of course, you cannot quite jump on the footpaths and do things like that, but it's very fast and light. Very good to go to school in the morning (at least during summer, I'm afraid I'm about to end this nice habit for this year).

In London, I started doing skateboarding (no pics, I'm afraid) a couple of times with Paulo, with disastrous results for my body, but I have to admit that I enjoyed it, compatibly with my skills (I'm a public threat basically). Here in Cagliari I had to stop but I made up for it by windsurfing, activity that I love. I'm also a bit envious of Marco's new board (F2 Xantos 08 124L) and sail (Naish Sprint 2008), that is an amazing equip that I used a couple of times this year with great fun.

Well that's it. I was staying in Castello in these holiday days and I have to say when you cycle via Buoncammino at around half-past-eight in the summer you cannot avoid falling in love with the place (well, I cannot). Let's see what is going to happen in the future. OK, now I'm satisfied since for a while I'll have a nice memory of this summer looking at the home of my blog, instead that reminding the stealth of my old, crappy bike!