Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dream psychology and table manners

The title of this post tells you all. Where "all" stands for "this post is rubbish". But now, I have to be coherent with the title of the post and write down the rubbish, otherwise I'll contradict myself. And I have to do that quickly, because then I have to go to argos (don't shop for it, argos it) to return my wonderful Braun 3710, that broke down. For the second time. In 8 months. Now, this is the cheapest razor ever, but it's also the one that shaves me better (which is just an incidental property that was highlighted only after the minimisation of the "cost" function, where cost is not to be intended in broad sense), and I would be veeery pissed if they wouldn't change it for me for free, because it's the one that shaves me the best. Nonetheless, I can't afford a new electric razor every four months.

Whatever. I've discovered that this blog provokes dreams in which people find hidden messages below toilet paper rolls, messages that discover how the image I sometimes give when I express my personal opinion tend to be much harsher than I expect. I felt sorry for that, but on the same time I was delighted to appear in somebody else's dream. Damned egotism!

And, what about table manners? My parents struggled to teach me some of these, and, for their satisfaction, I have to say they managed. I'm not too rigid, but I started thinking that a little bit of control when we eat can help to trace the line between us and the animals, and to show respect for the people you are eating with. That's why I bought a set of four napkins yesterday. Now, the bet is open: how long will we use them? (less-than-a-week is 10:1).

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