Monday, 24 September 2007

and for my fans joy...

a serious post!! It has to be short though, I don't want to push that too far.

This is a website with some interesting lectures, whose overall quality is definitely good, as I could see (I've seen just a couple of them, actually).

The main topic is computer science, so either you are interested in computer science, or it's unlikely that you will find anything worth seeing.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Dream psychology and table manners

The title of this post tells you all. Where "all" stands for "this post is rubbish". But now, I have to be coherent with the title of the post and write down the rubbish, otherwise I'll contradict myself. And I have to do that quickly, because then I have to go to argos (don't shop for it, argos it) to return my wonderful Braun 3710, that broke down. For the second time. In 8 months. Now, this is the cheapest razor ever, but it's also the one that shaves me better (which is just an incidental property that was highlighted only after the minimisation of the "cost" function, where cost is not to be intended in broad sense), and I would be veeery pissed if they wouldn't change it for me for free, because it's the one that shaves me the best. Nonetheless, I can't afford a new electric razor every four months.

Whatever. I've discovered that this blog provokes dreams in which people find hidden messages below toilet paper rolls, messages that discover how the image I sometimes give when I express my personal opinion tend to be much harsher than I expect. I felt sorry for that, but on the same time I was delighted to appear in somebody else's dream. Damned egotism!

And, what about table manners? My parents struggled to teach me some of these, and, for their satisfaction, I have to say they managed. I'm not too rigid, but I started thinking that a little bit of control when we eat can help to trace the line between us and the animals, and to show respect for the people you are eating with. That's why I bought a set of four napkins yesterday. Now, the bet is open: how long will we use them? (less-than-a-week is 10:1).

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Welcome, my first guest!

Yeah, since I never told anybody about the blog, of course anybody has never read this blog, apart from me. Till 2 days ago. Then, my friend Zuppa discovered everything, backtracing this place from my profile page. That's a weak point, because I like the profile pages, I have to fill them every time I'm asked to do so! So, I'm probably the only person as now that filled up the profile page in CiteULike. Anyway, I'm glad to have a new reader, and that's why I linked his blog. Which is useless, since the only two readers of this blog are me and him, and, obviously enough, both of us are aware of that blog.

Now, since my mental capabilities are scaled so that now I'm almost 7 years old, I like also the "little thoughts", as we used to call them at elementary schools. But one per post is enough. The today's one is the following.

I'm so sick of the ups and downs of McCann's life! I don't give a shit, really. And yet, I seem to be the only one. I discovered 2 minutes ago that Sir Richard Branson (on the right, a guy that drinks Virgin Cola, has got a Virgin mobile phone, listen to cds bought in a Virgin Store while flying in a Virgin train or a Virgin plane, and owns the Virgin company) will pay for the brand-new top London lawyer that McCann hired to defend themselves. The same that defended Pinochet (on the left, irony) in UK. It's ridiculous. Like all the other things, that I don't want to recall. Like the visit to the pope, the McCanns blog, the McCanns interviews, the McCanns car, the McCanns website, the McCanns ads, and everything. Everything is just the last idea to make money. And, on top of that, is Sir Richard Branson still virgin?

Ok, now I'll go to write some bullshit that I'll pretend to be interesting things to be sent in some useless conference that pretends to be an interesting conference in order to attract people interested in taking holidays and plan how to obtain more money to plan other conferences like that one. This is science and research, folks! And it doesn't matter if the solution is suboptimal, as a friend of mine, recently involved in his first inter-university european project, pointed out a couple of days ago. "My impression is that if we, guys, in our room, managed the entire project, without any expensive meeting around the world every two weeks, any integration, without tons of paperwork that nobody is interested in, we'd finish five times faster". Ah, that's why we are students, because we haven't mastered this art. Not yet. But somebody of us is managing to improve, pointing out that he doesn't like to work as a researcher in a private company. The usually publish less papers. Maybe because they are working. Who knows.

End of the criticism (that anyway is not addressed to all my friends that work in this field, included the one that I welcomed at the beginning of the post, but to many aspects of the big organisation of the field itself - I'll write it down just in case...).

Sunday, 9 September 2007

What colour was the Napoleon's white horse?

It has been more than a month since my last post, in the meanwhile I've been in Cagliari, happily taking my holidays and windsurfing and going to the beach all the time, and in Greece for a conference, which translates more or less in "going to the beach all the time". But I also have some proof that I also did something useful, for example my first "serious" presentation (check out the shot, don't I seem a great performer?)

Well, there would be a lot of things to say about my tales, but now I don't feel like writing a lot, I'm tired and looking "the lord of the ring: the two towers", which inspired the title of this post. Why? Because of "shuttafuck", the Gandalf's horse, of course! Well, somebody could argue that the horse's name is Shadowfax, but shuttafuck sounds much better. And it makes more sense, also. Better than some strange shadow thing that faxes papers around.

Today I realised that it would be good to have a small apple tree instead of the ugly bush we have in our small backyard. In the right season I have to buy one.. I'm already excited :)

This week I also presented in spite of a friend a poster in a conference organised by our University, in London. The best part of it was, of course, that I took part to the social event: a trip on the London Eye, for free (well, I didn't pay for it...).

Well, what to say, other than I'm going to sleep?