Saturday, 16 February 2008

Cycling London!

Done. Bought a bike. Again.

Well, my initial idea was to buy a cheap used one, but in the last weeks I realised that last time I've been quite lucky. I still remember that day. At first, I went to a shop, where a crappy 2nd handed bike was £60. I was almost resigned, but I decided to try Brick Lane market, a place in which people try to sell their rubbish to other people, basically a real life (RL) ebay. I found a bike seller... the prices were better than the shop, even though still quite high for me. Suddenly, a guy showed up, claiming that one of the bikes on sale was its own, that he'd had stolen few days before. Understandably enough, I wasn't quite in the mood to buy from that guy anymore. Everything appeared to be lost, when, in a dark corner of the street, I saw a est-european seller with a bike of the 50s. Acceptable. He could barely speak English... £35! I have £30! OK, £30! Taken. My subconscious tried to let me think about the "dubious" origin of that bike, but I was new in London too, I wasn't supposed to know. So I bought an acceptable bike at a good price, last time (I had it stolen a couple of months after... fair enough).

Anyway, now I'm not new in London anymore, I can't say "oh, in Brick Lane people sell stolen bikes? Oh boy, I didn't know, I swear!"... so my consciousness told me "go to a shop". And again, normal bikes for 250 quid and for "merely" £60 a little choice of crappy rusty skeletons. I was resigned, but, then.. "Don't shop for it! Argos it!" Good deal, £90 (+5 delivery, +2 to have it delivered on Saturday...). So, today, at 9.30, it comes! It's half unmounted, the quality of the nuts is crap, I can't unscrew most of them... not to mention the spanners... I was swearing a lot, while mounting, and a lot more afterwards! It's a crap!! Not professional at all, heavy, slow.. an abortion. After a while, I went for a second test-ride and I I reconsidered the matter: for a leasure ride from time to time it's OK, people won't steal it (not as a 250 one!), and if they take it I won't cry for a long time. The deal has been not good, but certainly fair. Ah, btw, in the second photo it's how it looks like in the RL (it's photogenic, it seems actually better than what it is...).

Anyway, today I couldn't ride it for a long time. Too cold. Let's see tomorrow.

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