Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Wagamama cookbook! Banzai!

Yep. I've been curious about Japanese cuisine for a while, and finally I put my hands on the wagamama cookbook, that hopefully will give me the opportunity to try some ramen, yakisoba, okonomiyaki and all the other cool things that we use to see in Ranma 1/2 and other similar animes.

The first hurdle, though, will be to gather the ingredients. I don't know if Sainsbury's and Morrisons will provide me with the necessary stuff. I'll try to manage.

BTW, during the weekend I uploaded the pictures of my trip in Umbria with my family. I shall add a short captions to the photos to comment them.


Anonymous said...


I love the Wagamama cookbook! It's really more fusion than authentic Japanese. A lot of Indian and Chinese spices are used in the recipes. I love the curry stuff. Good luck finding all your ingredients! I'd check out Chinatown for cheaper prices~

Zeppe said...

Yesterday I tried my first dish, saien soba (something I thought simple to practise stir-frying) and the result was OK, but to be the first time I was really satisfied! Among the other things, I realised I do not have bowls big enough for a portion of ramen, wich is a pity beause I love it!

During the weekend I'll definitely check out some shop in Chinatown, I had troubles in Sainsbury yesterday :D

Zuppa said...


I'm quite impressed by the cooking skills of my old friend Zeppe. Even if I have absolutely no idea what "stir-frying" means, it sounds something more appetizing than what I ate yesterday. Actually I am still missing the sense of spending lot of time just cooking for yourself (of course besides relevant economic drawbacks), if you tell me the truth about eating alone ;).

Nevertheless I am quite sure that Mr Wagamama, whoever he is and wherever he is (if he IS someone and not just a name like "Mr. Panino"), well Mr. Wagamama would be pride of you for being my friend.

According to wikipedia there is no Mr. Wagamama, well in that case the CEO of Wagamama is proud of you for the same reason as before.

Anonymous said...

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