Monday, 18 May 2009

Academy and the (non-travelling) salesman problem

It's difficult to me to stand the pressure, typical in my academic experience, to focus on "selling" your product rather than make it better, up to some paradoxical point in which one may want to convince somebody about the goodness of something in which he's the first not to believe.

I'm completely the opposite: I like to work on real problems, as a scientist, and to present real solutions, contributions that I consider worthy. Adding white noise around is of no use for anybody. There is already too much around. Unfortunately, apparently this is often not possible. It is a pity, because the research activity (real research, I mean, not writing papers, editing papers, writing rebuttals, re-editing papers...) appeals me indeed. I'm sure I can do it somehow how I like to, after the PhD.

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j_ticca said...

Uf G I think you are in the wrong lab then! Unfortunately. Here youlearn more how to do something by optimising everything. work without too much work, time without too much time and so on....I hope you find what you are looking for.